Although things are still uncertain with regard to events at Chalice Well, our 2021 Chalice Well Essences workshops are scheduled to go ahead. See more below.


If you would like to be kept informed of the latest news regarding events at Chalice Well, you can join our mailing list(s) HERE.


Within the current guidelines, the gardens are still open to visitors, 10 am to 4:30 pm everyday, with last entry at 4 pm. We are only accepting payment by credit/debit card at the moment. You can view details of our entry fees HERE.


We hope to see you soon.


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Discover Chalice Well Essences

+ Use essences in consultations
+ Experience traditional plant spirit medicine
+ Increase sensitivity to the healing energies of nature
+ Co-create a special essence to gain an understanding of the Chalice Well Essences approach and philosophy
+ Apply Chalice Well Essences in client consultations, diagnosis and treatment

Get Tickets £350.00 – £375

Working with Energies & Energy Fields

Chalice Well

+ Work with the Spiritual dimensions of Chalice Well to explore human, devic and earth energies
+ Demonstrate ways of protecting and healing the aura and chakras
+ Dowsing to select essences for treatment
+ Make dowsing rods to detect energies of place
+ Create essence sprays to restore balance to the home or place of work

Get Tickets £350.00 – £375.00

Essences for Wellbeing & Transformation

Chalice Well

+ Practical tools for essence diagnosis and selection
+ A working knowledge of essences' properties, including Chalice Well Essences
+ The history and use of dowsing
+ Developing intuition
+ Making a special essence as bottle, a cream and a spray
+ How to use essences with children

Get Tickets £350.00 – £375.00

The Way of the Practitioner

Chalice Well

+ How to prepare a space for self and others
+ The art of observing and deep listening to determine the root issue
+ Staying out of the story and remaining present to become a clear energy channel
+ Case studies and evaluation of your practice
+ Best practice and the Law

Get Tickets £350.00 – £375.00