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Co-created and produced by the Chalice Well Trust in the Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury, Chalice Well Essences support and empower the healing journey, bringing love, balance, strength, and encouragement.

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We offer a series of practical and experiential workshops designed for practitioners, healers and therapists, but also open to anyone with an interest in vibrational essences who wishes to connect with the healing energies of the Chalice Well.

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We sense it’s time to make an Essence when a plant or tree in glorious bloom calls to us. There is often a noticeable pull or heightened awareness that draws us to come closer, and we respond by setting a date to make the Essence.

Whenever possible, we work closely with lunar cycles (especially full and new moons), seasonal markers (such as the equinoxes or Solstice points) and traditional festivals (including Michaelmas and Easter Sunday).

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