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What are lichens? They are a mutualistic symbiosis. The plant body (or thallus) consists of two quite different organisms together in an intimate association; a fungus and a microscopic green plant (an alga). The fungus makes up the bulk of the thallus and the algal cells are buried within it. Or rather, imagine the fungus saying to the alga, if you provide me with food, I’ll provide you with shelter

from A Story of 3 Lichens | 44 Clovers
Oak moss lichen

Described as such, lichens are a wonderful example of interconnectedness, of partnership. Each does their part which in turn serves and supports the other, a slowly evolving symbiotic relationship that we have yet to fully understand.

Interconnectedness is at the heart of the work of Chalice Well, as understood and described by Wellesley Tudor Pole:

It has always been our intention that Chalice Well activities should give pride of place to the healing of mind and body through the agency of the Spirit with the co-operation of Nature.

Part of the Vesica flow form

As a living sanctuary, the waters and the gardens are designed to offer welcome, acceptance and restoration; and in so doing to help us to connect with and deepen our spiritual understanding; and our work in support of universal peace.

Shield lichen on old Holy Thorn

This works as a partnership too. The Well provides a physical location for contemplation, for healing; and a meeting place of many different connections. You bring to it and carry from it love, appreciation and a search for understanding. Each serves and supports the other – and so in turn all those that connect with this, also perhaps in ways that we have yet to understand …

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  1. A lovely article. Lichens often seem under appreciated. They even grow on railings on the estate I live on in London, giving a welcome touch of the wild. The photos are very beautiful and soothing. Thank you.

  2. Lovely message of integration which leads to wholeness and effectiveness in our lives.
    Thank you. Juliana

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