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Chalice Well Trust

Our Trust is in being, and we as Trustees have now assumed our joint responsibility for safeguarding the welfare of the holy Well and the property around it.

This task is both important and inescapable. A friendly welcome has been received from the Glastonbury Authorities and residents. Mr. Scott Stokes who is the father of Glastonbury Town Council and a previous Mayor of many years standing writes to welcome us with congratulation and goodwill and other residents have done the same. They will be waiting for signs of the value of our Custodianship. Voluntary gifts received to date are just sufficient to cover the cost of our property with the exception of legal expenses, transfer fees and stamps, the bill for which is now awaited.

Our next urgent task is to render Little St. Michael house habitable and furnished. Builder’s estimates are now being considered and the expenditure involved will be heavy. Meanwhile and until available funds enable us to put this work in hand, we dare not leave unattended the heritage we have taken over. Mrs. Sandeman, the Custodian we have elected leaves London for Glastonbury on February 14th. She offers to take up residence in two rooms in the house, in spite of the fact that living conditions there will prove barren and uncomfortable for the time being. Gifts of household utensils, blankets, linen and rugs are called for at this juncture and a typewriter. Offers of help to tidy up the gardens have been received and Miss Hardcastle, an expert gardener, will visit Chalice Well shortly to prepare a plan for bringing beauty to the Well and its surroundings. She generously offers her services free, but money will be needed for carrying out whatever plans we as Trustees may consider fully adequate to meet our obligations in this respect.

It is hoped that at least three Trustees will visit Glastonbury later this month to study and report and to make recommendations. We must be ready by the late Spring to welcome visitors and pilgrims to Chalice Well, without fear of being ashamed of what they will find on their arrival. Not only am I appealing now for your practical co-operation but I suggest that we join together at Nine each evening in prayer that we may be found worthy of the sacred task with which we are now entrusted.

Wellesley Tudor Pole

2 thoughts on “Chalice Well Trust

  1. Good morning!
    I visited your gardens in 2013 and was overwhelmed by the beauty and piece of this piece of land. I’m from Germany and I inherited a house with some land from my grandfather. Over 10 years my husband and me have worked to change things and also transform it into a litte paradise. Since we also have own wells we would like use this water and I have always been wondering who created your 7 bowls. I’m really fascinated by this masterpiece but I cannot find the name of the artist. This is actually my favor, would you please tell me who did that?

    Thank you so much in advance! All the best for you and the lovely garden.

    Best regards,

    Birgit Seckinger

    1. Dear Birgit, The seven-fold cascade in the gardens was installed by John Wilkes (the inventor of flow forms) of Emerson College back in the early 1990’s. He was assisted by one of his students, Simon Charter.
      John unfortunately passed away in 2011, but Simon continues to work with water sculptures and landscapes and can be contacted through his company Ebb & Flow.

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