Companionship, donations & legacies

People from all over the world enjoy being part of our family of companions. Wherever you live, you can also become a part of Chalice Well and with your help we can make sure that this living sanctuary is available for all to experience and share, both now and in the future.

There are a number of ways in which you can directly support the Well:
+ Become a Companion
+ Make a donation
+ Make a legacy gift

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Which companionship is right for me?

Annual Companionship

This is our most popular form of companionship. The fee is determined by whether you would like an individual or a joint Companionship, whether you live in the UK or overseas and whether you are aged 60 years or more.

As a Companionship you can:
+ Book a room in either of our retreat houses with 24 hour access to the gardens
+ Enjoy regular issues of our journal ‘The Chalice’
+ Join the weekly Companions meditation in the Upper Room of Little St Michael’s
+ Book the Upper Room for private meditation
+ Attend our annual summer Companions Day held in the marquee on the lower lawn

Each adult also receives a Companionship Card which allows them and two children, up to the age of 17, free entry into the gardens during public opening times.

Most people choose to pay by Direct Debit as the most affordable and easy to manage option. Of course, you can also pay by debit or credit card. See below for annual fees and to purchase your companionship.

Lifetime & Active Supporter Companionship

For those wanting to make a longer term commitment and offer an increased level of support, you will find our Lifetime and Active Supporter a little further down the page.

Companionship Rates

Annual Companionship

Annual companionship rates vary depending on whether you want a joint/family or single companionship, whether your are under or over 60 years of age and whether you pay by Credit/Debit Card or Direct Debit.

The easiest way to find out your annual companionship rate is to click on the ‘Select options’ button below for either Single or Joint/Family Companionship.

Options that won’t change how much you pay…

You will also be asked whether you are able to help us out by Gift Aiding your companionship, and whether your are happy to read a digital copy of ‘The Chalice’ the companions journal and collect your companionship cards when you next visit Chalice Well. None of the choices you make for these options will influence your annual fee.

Lifetime Companionship

UK | Lifetime Single

One adult living in the UK.

Overseas | Lifetime Single

One adult, aged 60 or over living in the UK.

UK | Lifetime Joint/Family

Two adults, either one aged 60 or over, living at the same UK address.

Overseas | Lifetime Senior Joint/Family

Two adults, either one aged 60 or over, living at the same overseas address.

Active Supporters

There are also many people who wish to play a more active part in helping the Trust to maintain the Chalice Well. If you would like to give some additional help, you can become an Active Supporter. As such, you will qualify for all the same benefits as an Annual Companionship and enjoy an additional discount on purchases made in the shop, as well as being invited to join us when we hold our Active Supporter events here.

To become an Active Supporter we suggest a minimum donation of £10 per month. This is paid by direct debit.

“It was wonderful being in the Gardens for the Meditation at the Wellhead – it was magical! I knew I wanted to help as much as I could…”

You can join the scheme and leave it at any time.

Please consider supporting Chalice Well in this way. Your donation will help to maintain and improve the gardens and properties and enable the Trust to continue its work.

Could you make a donation?

Donations are another way to help us to maintain this Living Sanctuary.

Every donation is greatly appreciated and will be put to use where most needed. You can even specify what part of Chalice Well you’d like to support; perhaps the planting of spring bulbs in the gardens, or the maintenance of the retreat houses, or the planning and running of our bi-annual Festivals.

Your kind donation will help enable us to continue to keep the Well open for everyone, forever.

Considering a legacy?

Remembering The Chalice Well Trust in your Will

Thank you for considering supporting The Chalice Well Trust by means of a legacy.

Leaving a gift in your will, no matter how big or small, helps us look after the unique gardens and retreat houses for people to enjoy now and for future generations.

There are a number of different ways to create bequests and/or add codicils to an existing will, so we would recommend that you speak to your professional advisor to make sure your will is exactly as you would wish it. Please do contact us if you would like to discuss legacy gifts with us, Companionship Registrar, Gareth Lovelock will be happy to speak to you – 01458 831154.