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WTP footnote re Katharine Maltwood

In K.M. Maltwood’s illustrated ‘Guide to Glastonbury’s Temple of the Stars’ the sign for Aquarius is given in a somewhat recondite and unusual form. It is portrayed as the Phoenix flying towards the sunrise and turning its head to drink from the blood-spring which is the Cup of this Aquarius. K.M. Maltwood’s aerial survey gives a clear indication of the way in which a giant zodiacal circle, some 10 miles in diameter is inscribed on the land area, with Glastonbury itself as its centre. Markings on the ground, including streams, hills and mounds and ancient tracks, outline the configuration of the 12 zodiacal signs of the Heavens. The configuration of the Aquarian sign in this zodiac occupies the area known as the Tor and Chalice Hill. The Chalice Well itself being the focal point for this Aquarian design. The whole of the Chalice Well property therefore is “ruled” by Aquarius! The sign of the New Age! And the Aquarian Well is the centre of inspiration. The immense esoteric significance of this remarkable fact will not be lost on friends of Chalice Well (the Graal Centre). Those whose inner vision has been awakened will perceive and understand the important spiritual role that this holy site is surely destined to fulfil.

The healing waters of the Well, if made accessible would set the seal of blessing on every activity undertaken within the Chalice Well property.

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