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Words spoken by the Vicar of St John’s Church at the funeral of Alice Buckton

In Memoriam Miss Alys Mary Buckton, aged 78

Died December 13 1944

(from St. John’s Magazine)

There passed away early in the morning of Sunday, Dec.13th, a great soul, a great mind, and a great heart, Alys Mary Buckton. She was a genius, a most remarkable personality. Her mind was as wide as her heart. Gifted also with musical voice, a strong will, the keenest intelligence, an extraordinary critical judgment, and an extraordinary capacity for forgiveness, an unfailing enthusiasm. She managed to accomplish things where other people would have been daunted. Twenty years ago it would have been a waste of time to have told Glastonbury, which she loved so dearly, what she had done for Glastonbury. But men come and go, so the writer, who had the privilege of being her parish priest, for nearly the last quarter century of her life (a period to be looked back upon without one ruffled thought) would fain bear one tiny testimony. When he came here, he found Chalice Well and Miss Buckton, a centre of art, music, drama, crafts and lofty thought, to which she had attracted the most intelligent and good-living youth of the place.

That good work continued until increasing years made her give up her hostel. But her influence lives on in the hearts and minds of her pupils whom she illumined. Her whole outlook on life was great, and here was an ever-ready sympathy. It is needless to speak of her years of work for the poor in the slums under Miss Octavia Hill, and her unfailing passion for education, or of her powers as a dramatist. The authoress of ‘Eager Heart’ is world-famed. Being so great she had the power of attracting great minds.

Vicar of St. Johns 1944

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