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Be not dishearten’d—Affection shall solve the problems of Freedom yet;
Those who love each other shall become invincible-

From Over the carnage rose prophetic a voiceWalt Whitman
The angel of the angel seat at Chalice Well

This is the time of year for drawing in. As the hours of daylight lessen and the sun sits lower in the sky, we look for shelter against the cold, warmth against the damp, fire, light and cheer against our grey winter skies. For many of us, this time following Resting/Samhain and moving on toward winter festivals brings up thoughts of family, past and present; of gathering and belonging; and of loss and loneliness. Of course this year we may feel all of this more deeply with the response to the coronavirus pandemic and our social and political divisions.

Whilst there is debate about whether we face a modern loneliness epidemic, research has shown that there are significant negative social, emotional and physical effects associated with feeling lonely, including lowered mortality, especially if experienced over the long-term. For many of us, this year has brought this feeling into sharper focus while for some, it is a pain already struggled with every day. Difficult as it is for us to feel isolated from or within our community, it is even harder if we face the loneliness of being disconnected from ourselves ~ whether we believe we are not good enough or that we don’t belong with the accompanying feelings of judgement and shame.

We all have responsibilities – and one of those responsibilities is to be kind, to ourselves, and to others. It is a kindness that allows us, if we can, to sit with our pain – and with our pleasure – to know and understand it. A kindness that sees our interconnectedness and our shared need for comfort and for joy. A kindness that enables us to reach out and hold each other in our vulnerability and despite our differences.

It is the kindness that forms the basis of our deeper love and spiritual wisdom,
and which lets us know, however we feel, we already belong and we are always, always loved.

The more love we reflect and share with one another, the greater will be the supply available to us: a supply that is infinite, boundless, never failing and eternal. When the truth of this realisation is recognised and utilised we shall be on the first lap of the road leading to the arrival of “Heaven on Earth”.

From God is Love – Wellesley Tudor Pole
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