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Times of Tribulation

This is an article written in January 1957 by Wellesley Tudor Pole.

There is confusion of thought in many people’s minds about the venue and significance of the final conflict of this age, often referred to as ‘Armageddon’ or ‘The Times of Tribulation’.

What is not realised generally is the fact that the main arena for this struggle between the forces of light and darkness is not situated in our outer world of life and being at all. Fundamentally, this great battle is being fought out on a Cosmic level and what we are experiencing on earth is a ‘reflection’ of this immense struggle and the repercussions flowing from it. This does not mean that we play no part in what is going on ‘elsewhere’. On the contrary, our every thought, word and deed can help to tip the scales in one direction or the other, because the battleground is on a mental level to which all our thinking and feeling processes have access.

The means by which events taking place in invisible spheres around us throw their light and shadows into human consciousness and are translated into conditions directly affecting external happiness on our planet is a mystery beyond our present ken. Study of the interplay of forces between various levels of life and being belongs to the Science of the future. What we cannot doubt is that under Divine Providence the Law of Cause and Effect operates justly, and has always done so, not only in the affairs of man and nations but in relation to all manifestations of life everywhere, and that this Law is primarily based on infinite Love in action.

It is, I think, true of the human race as a whole as it is of single individuals, that no-one can live unto himself alone. In fact, I feel that this principle is capable of a still wider and deeper application covering experiences and events taking place beyond the time-space conditions within which we are confined at present.

My own interpretation of the events now talking place around us is based on research over a long period, but I claim no special authority for the impressions contained in these notes. The long-standing interior struggle between Light and darkness, what we call “good” and “evil”, is as old as time. It now appears to be reaching its culmination for the era to which we belong. This is most certainly the true “Armageddon” forecast in scripture to take place “at the end of the age”. Its reflection on this planet, in so far as space-time conditions are concerned, appears to have been in operation since 1914 and will probably last for approximately fifty years. History will no doubt record these acute phases of this manifestation, represented by the 1914/18 and the 1939/45 wars, and by what we hope will be a comparatively short period from 1956 onwards, the third phase being almost certainly the most critical and the most decisive. However, the reflection in our world of events happening elsewhere cannot be accurately interpreted or exactly measured by finite sense, and therefore the above periods of duration can but be approximate. The point I should like to make here is that the process of “Armageddon” as reflected and unrolled in our world is not still in the future as many people imagine, but has been going on since 1914, and that its final upshot as affecting life on earth will depend upon who will be the victors in the invisible struggle between Light and darkness referred to above, and also upon our human reaction both to the struggle itself and to the victory.

If this be a correct assessment of the position, we must naturally ask ourselves what we can do as individuals in humble service to God and to those great Beings who direct the battalions of Light. There is a certain sense in which the whole Universe is contained within each one of us. And it is this Universe for which each individual is responsible. The arena for ‘our’ battle between the dark and light forces lies within your consciousness and mine, because this battle is personal to you and to me. We can live in such a way as to be capable of reflecting and declaring the power of the Light out into manifestation, or we can allow the dark forces of our natures to secure the upper hand. There can be no neutrals in this struggle. You and I are personally responsible for the outcome of this ‘Armageddon of the Soul’. It is beyond our finite understanding to compute the extent to which our thoughts and acts can influence the Cosmic struggle as a whole. However, this much we can know: namely, that it lies within your and my power by our prayers, thoughts and actions to reinforce the Armies of the Light and to an extent which, cumulatively, may well prove decisive. Or we can provide ammunition for the dark forces by selfish preoccupation with our own desires, ambitions and sense pleasures, thereby giving the Light no opportunity to be reflected and manifested through us and, as a direct result, prolonging the agony of the conflict. Each of us, therefore, can play our part in prolonging the time of tribulation or in shortening it.

Until this present epic struggle “in high places” has been fought out and, as we must firmly believe, won by the Powers of Light, and until this victory has been reflected in human consciousness, there can be no return of the Christ among us, nor can the Golden Age be born. There is a certain sense in which the Christ, as the supreme representative of the Creator, is never absent from the hearts and minds of men (that is, to the extent to which we are willing to receive Him). But His active manifestation in our midst once more must inevitably depend upon our willingness to create the right conditions for such a manifestation to take place successfully. It cannot be His function to interfere with the working of the Law of Cause and Effect.

I should like to pause here a moment to speak about the event scripturely referred to as the “Day of Judgement”. Each time we pass form one level of life to another we shall find ourselves faced by a “Day” of judgement when the accounts will be reckoned and when what ever debit balance stands against us will have to be met and paid. This is a truth which is recognised within the teachings of all religions.

Whether there is to be a final “Day” of reckoning of Humanity as a whole and for individual men and women is a question that lies far beyond our present knowledge. What does seem probable is that “Days of Judgement” occur periodically not only in our own lives but in the life of nations and peoples. Our knowledge of human history does not go back very far. For instance, accounts of the “Flood” and of the disappearance of Atlantis and Lemuria have come down to us in a legendary form only. Is it inconceivable that such happenings have a direct relation to the subject we are discussing? It may be that from time to time in world history the accumulation of wrong thinking and acting becomes so burdensome in its effects that a drastic cleansing process proves inevitable, providing the opportunity for a wiping of the slate and the provision of a new one in order to make a fresh start possible. We may not be far distant from such happenings as have just been mentioned.

Those who feel able to accept my vision and my interpretation of current events will not take amiss what follows.

I have reasons for believing that in the wider world around us there has been established an Order of Initiates from a very High Source, to whom an important mission has been entrusted. The task of members of the Order and their disciples is to purify and transmute the Energy generated by thoughts and prayers on Earth and in the regions of Borderland. The outcome of their work is the creation of a Pillar of Light which ascends into the Heavens until it reaches the Infinite Source of All Illumination. Within, and at the centre of the pillar, can be perceived the downward flow of an answering Light, so brilliant and powerful as to pass beyond human comprehension.

To the extent that we are prepared to receive it, this Divine Illumination is already flowing into human consciousness though the channel of the Silent Minute and in other observances as well.

Gradually the spiritual leaven entering our minds and hearts will begin to transform life on earth and will give all who are ready to receive it greatly added power to fight for the right and replace evil with good. In this way the present days of tribulation can be shortened and victory on earth levels for the Powers of Light can be triumphantly assured, bringing about the end of the period of ‘Armageddon’ and signalling the gradual dawn of the Golden Age.

Wellesley Tudor Pole

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