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Thoughts on the Summer Solstice Well Dressing: Strength of Heart and Mind

A dressing created on Solstice Eve, in the softening light of the summer sun, reflected in our Well lantern(s) and candles. Healing herbs and flowers ~ calendula, jasmine, hypericum, lemon balm, yarrow; and golden roses to offer comfort in times of grief and loss. All small beacons honouring the sun’s light, warmth and power.

The sun, at its strongest on this side of the world now, provides the warmth for maturing growth and ripening in preparation for harvest. This season belongs to the oak, a tree synonymous with longevity, endurance and if it helps us, maturity, courage and strength of heart. Our beautiful new Well lid is made of oak wood. The base of the dressing is made of oak leaves, gathered from the tree that stands in the Cress Field. It is accompanied by rosemary; here in support of the nervous system, it helps to clear the mind, balancing and strengthening head and heart.

As we consider the sun’s power, we may also consider our own. In this time of restriction, we have had an opportunity to consider what we value, what makes us feel whole and strong, where we want to put our attention and efforts. For many of us, this has emphasised our interconnectedness, our need to care for one another and our desire to build supportive and resilient communities. It has also perhaps increased our gratitude for the everyday things that ground us and bring us a deeper sense of joy and connection. Here simply is the power we may choose to use ~ the ability or space to appreciate what we have and what we bring and to use that collectively to build a better world for all. A power that is both blessing and responsibility.

This time last year we had recently finished the Buddhist Festival as part of our Many Paths ~ One Source programme. As we prepare the Well for re-opening and a new phase, it would be lovely to hear your memories of these events and what they have meant to you. Many thanks.

With blessings, love & gratitude,


12 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Summer Solstice Well Dressing: Strength of Heart and Mind

  1. Dear Penny, for a number of years we could only spend a few weeks in Glastonbury at a time and most of it was spent at the Chalice well. I photograghed the flowers, the robin and blackbirds, the angel and well head -everything really, and when i returned home i would look at the pictures and remember being there. Over time , i developed a visualisation where i could walk around the gardens in my mind and i did this every day. We moved to Somerset over 4 years ago now and i normally spend a lot of time with you but obviously things have changed for us all,and i have gone back to my” daily walks”., in my mind, especially when things have been particularly tough and i have felt the weight of some very challenging circumstances.I hope that soon i will be able to come back and do the things that gave me so much pleasure and be amongst the beautiful flowers, until then ……..Diane

    1. Dear Diane, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences of the Well with us. We are due to re-open tomorrow and look forward to welcoming you back. Blessings, Penny.

  2. So movingly beautiful and deeply spiritual. Blessings to you all who created such a delight.

    1. Dear Jane, thank you for your kind comment. Many hearts and hands have helped to create the Well over the years and it is a delight to celebrate and share that. Blessings, Penny

  3. Looks so peaceful

    1. Dear Richard, it was a peaceful moment. I hope it offered you the same. Blessings, Penny.

  4. I have spent many happy hours and days at the chalice well over the years when I could travel and enjoyed it tremendously
    I love this place and i met many lovely kind people there and it would be nice if I could manage to go back there now
    I think of it many times.
    Derrick Hales

    1. Dear Derrick, thank you for sharing your thoughts and appreciation of the Well. Blessings, Penny.

  5. The Well dressing is beautiful; it is so lovely to see the new oak lid and the flowers and foliage reflecting the rays of the sun is inspirational as are the circle of lanterns and stonework surrounding the well. It shows what a lot of creativity and time was put into this lovely display. The Chalice Well dressings are always so uplifting. Thank you for all your efforts.

    1. Dear Marj, thank you so much for your thoughtful appreciation of the Well dressing. I am glad you enjoyed seeing the new Well lid. Blessings, Penny.

  6. Dear Penny
    I am always happy to hear from your lovely garden
    I stood in your house some years ago and I meditate a lot at your beautiful Well
    And I did enjoy the beautiful fragrances from your lovely flowers 💐

    1. Dear Lisa, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Well and the garden. Blessings, Penny.

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