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The Wise Friend by Margaret R. Salmon

It was Mrs. Margaret Thornley, the Cornish Sage, who often referred to W.T.P. as ‘The Wise Friend’; she was that wonderful pilgrim who was in close touch with Major Tudor Pole, and who became a dear friend of my husband and myself in 1954.

How frequently have I recalled her words over the years: ’No one ever comes in personal contact with W.T.P. except by a purpose for their lives’. How literally true that was as we learned in ways more remarkable than ever we could have imagined.

Through Mrs. Thornley, because of our interest in ‘Holy Places’, a correspondence began, and grew, between my husband and W.T.P., and later myself. We first saw and spoke with him at Mamhead Park, Exeter, and some two or three years later, at one of the early conferences of the CFPSS. There are memories, vivid and significant, of the times when we talked together, though the actual meetings were comparatively few; some stand out particularly – sitting on the seat in the garden of Chalice Well, quietly, with no one about; an evening in the home of our Editor and his wife, Mr. And Mrs. Kew Mills, when an experience of Light, and of blessing, came to me from him.

It is in the legacy of his letters, which countless numbers of his friends have received and kept, that his guidance is given so generously; wonderful vision and wisdom is contained in the words affectionately written in his own hand, with a never failing understanding of individual circumstances.

The Wise Friend indeed, towards whom the threads of our lives drew us with intent. We know his guidance is with us still.

(from ‘The Messenger no.10 1969, a testimony to WTP from his friend Margaret Salmon who attended the rededication of The Michael Chapel on Iona, representing WTP. Also see ‘Chalice Well – Story of a Living Sanctuary’ page 153.)

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