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The Blended Ray | Wellesley Tudor Pole

Notes About The Wesak Festival

From time immemorial a festival of dedication has been held annually during the Full Moon period in May, in Tibet. Wise men and their followers, especially of the Buddhist faith, we are told, foregather at that time in a high valley north of the Himalayas, where the festival is held. And many pilgrims from elsewhere also attend. Possibly the Passover of the Jews and the Easter celebrations of the Christians are not unrelated to this earlier Feast, known as the WESAK FESTIVAL. During the ceremonies connected with this yearly occurrence, at the exact moment of the Full Moon, the Buddha is said to make his presence visible, radiating Blessing upon all Mankind.

In recent times Westerners have been asked to remember this moment when the Buddha brings down blessings from on High, having gathered the good and noble qualities of Humanity and offering them in dedication to the Will and Service of God. We are told that while the May Full Moon ceremony takes place in that high valley beyond the Himalayas, the June Full Moon ceremony takes place as a continuation of the same Festival under the direction of the Christ in regions located over the Sea of Galilee. At the May Full Moon the Buddha is objective and the Christ subjective and vice versa at the June ceremony. Here the Energy of Wisdom radiating from the Buddha is blended with the Energy of Love radiating from the Christ and the ‘Blended Ray’ resulting is made available to bless and inspire Mankind as well as all life on Earth.

This year, the opportunity for completing the full merging of the Eastern and Western Rays into the newly constructed Blended Ray of the Coming One and of His Dispensation seems to have occurred; this Blended Ray has manifested in a particularly potent manner to inspire and prepare the way for the Dawn of a new Dispensation for the Human Race, an era of Goodwill, Brotherhood and Peace.

(Extract from WTP logbook, early 1950’s)

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