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An invitation to join in peace from kindred spirits the Global Silent Minute organisation

The Global Silent Minute was inspired by the Big Ben Silent Minute introduced in the Second World War by Wellesley Tudor Pole (WTP), founder of Chalice Well Trust, as a “spiritual weapon” to harness the power of Silence in selfless service to be used for the benefit of all. The DNA for the Silent Minute[…]Read more…

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Last Thursday morning, the 23rd, I met Penny, one of our gardeners, in the Garden and asked if she needed help. ‘You could do some weeding’, she suggested, so I set to, uprooting yellow poppies in the flower beds that flank the stone path leading to the Well, trimming them as I went and adding[…]Read more…

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When one feels helpless…

“When one feels helpless before the vast world chaos now thrown more sharply than ever into relief, it is helpful to remember how much can be done by quiet interior work and prayer.” Wellesley Tudor Pole (WTP), Founder, The Chalice Well Trust The Upper Room Those of you who have stayed in our Retreat House[…]Read more…

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The Origins of The Silent Minute

Family gathered around a radio

The Following is an extract taken from the book ‘Chalice Well: The Story of A Living Sanctuary’ published by The Chalice Well Trust Next day the speaker was killed. WTP was severely wounded; stranded behind enemy lines he managed to get back to the British forces. It was then that the idea of a daily[…]Read more…

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The Chalice | Vol.2 No.6 | Autumn 2018

Chalice Well Trust Companions Journal The Chalice Vol 2 No 6 Featured Image
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The Chalice | Vol.2 No.5 | Spring 2018

The Chalice Vol 2 No 5 Featured Image
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The Chalice | Vol.2 No.1 | Spring 2016

The Chalice - Journal of the Companions of the Chalice Well - Volume 2 Number 1
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