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Thoughts on the Fruition Well Dressing | The work you put in

Chalice Well Earth Festival Well Dressing: Fruition

A dressing made on Lammas/Lughnasadh Eve. First fruits & the grain harvest. Hazel, spirea, Euphorbia oblongata, ash keys, Amaranth, poppy heads, dahlias, calendula, cosmos, plums from our orchard. The ridiculously exuberant dahlias in this Well dressing are “Penhill Watermelon”, a “dinner plate” variety as they are known in floristry. They have certainly lived up to[…]Read more…

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Thoughts on the Spring Equinox well dressing

I worked on the foliage base for the dressing last night, using Hypericum perforatum (St John’s Wort). I used this partly because the shrub it came from needed pruning and partly because St John’s Wort offers gentle support for anxiety and depression. When I came back early this morning, parts of it were starting to[…]Read more…