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The Chalice | Vol.2 No.1 | Spring 2016

The Chalice - Journal of the Companions of the Chalice Well - Volume 2 Number 1
This post is only available to companions.

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Greeting To A Friend

For New Year 1963 WTP sent out an A5 leaflet called ‘Greeting To A Friend’ The front cover was a picture of the Michael emblem as seen in the glass of the Upper Room door (pictured at the bottom). The text is as follows: Greeting To A Friend “I salute you. I am your friend.[…]Read more…

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The Michael Chapel | Iona

The Minister of Iona Parish is to be given the privilege of conducting the service of re-dedication. This may well prove the most significant and important act in his whole career and no doubt he is already preparing himself to undertake it. May it be suggested that the Collect of St. Michael as given on[…]Read more…