Water Pendant

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Chalice Well water in a beautiful silver and glass pendant, set with a beautiful crystal



These reinforced glass pendants hold Chalice Well water from the ancient red spring that flows through the Chalice Well garden. It is a way of connecting with the vibration of this sacred source and feeling close to the peaceful, supportive and uplifting energies of Chalice Well.

You can choose from amethyst, garnet, moonstone and rose quartz gemstones which are set in silver in the sterling silver top of the water pendant. We also offer water pendants with the Vesica Piscis Chalice Well logo.

The pendants are 5cm long and the Vesica Piscis symbol is an additional 1cm

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Amethyst, Garnet, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, No Stone


Standard Small, Standard Large, Vesica Piscis, Wave, Plain


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