The Everything Pegan Diet Cookbook

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Vegan and paleo recipes to inspire and make plant based, nutrition fast and easy to create

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Combining veganism with the principles of Paleo, the Pegan Diet is a supercharged plant-based diet that is less restrictive and very effective. 300 recipes for healthy meals to live both your vegan and paleo lifestyles. The perfect blend of wholefoods, fresh, organic and sustainable food that is high in healthy fats and vitamins. Registered dietician April Murray ensures that all the recipes contain proper nutritional values, helping you stay on track with your goals to enjoy a healthier life overall. Recipes for breakfast include granola, poached fruits and stuffed tomatoes. There are smoothie recipes, snacks, salads, soups and dinner ideas. The majority are vegan and paleo with some non vegan but paleo ideas for friends and family.


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