Oracle Cards | Lemurian Star Child Oracle Cards

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Divine Guidance for the New Paradigm, 88 card deck and 340 page detailed book

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Within you is a magical child, unburdened by the conditioned mind and naturally in alignment with Source. This child flows with your unique frequencies and carries all of the sacred abilities and ascension codes you were originally created with. This is your Leumurian Starchild arising now to remind you how to co-create Heaven on Earth. Whether you are a Crystal Child, Blue Ray, Indigo, Rainbow or Starseed or you are parenting one, the Lemurian Starchild Oracle will speak to you. With 88 cards and 340 page book, this divination system has been created by Leanne Carpenter and Michiel Kroon to assist you with the deep healing and true-self embodiment being called forth now in the global mass awakening.

Boxed oracle set 18cm x 15cm x 5cm



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