Connecting to Nature Spirits

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Illustrated with beautiful watercolours, Faye leads us on a journey to meet Nature Spirits, with guided visualisations, meditations for connecting with Elementals, Undines, Salamanders, Sylphs, Dryads, Elves, Mermaids, Pixies and Unicorns.

Guidance for healing, balancing and playing is given, together with how to guides, such as how to see an aura, how to connect with trees. Faye shares her vision of co-creating with nature to create a world full of beauty, love and harmony.

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In this book, you will discover how to connect with and see nature spirits and sacred trees. Faye includes meditations with dryads, elves, undines and pixies, with illustrations of mystical beings she connects with. Faye also includes messages from elementals to inspire your connection and understanding


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