Aura Spray | Loving Heart

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A beautiful aura spray to open the heart to unconditional love. Made with gem elixirs, essential oils and wild rose flower essence

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Loving Heart Aura Spray is a warming, heart-opening blend that helps balance emotions and better appreciate beauty. Containing rose and other essential oils, gem elixirs and wild rose flower essence, this blend encourages one to feel unconditional love. It can also be helpful for lifting apathy and stagnation.

These sprays are designed to be sprayed in to your aura to help restore equilibrium. Alternatively, they may be applied to a room or space to balance the energy within.They contain pure Chalice Well spring water, one of the purest water sources on the planet in terms of substance vibrations.


Jasmine, Myrrh & Rose essential oils, Quartz & Rose Quartz gem elixirs, Wild Rose flower essence.



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