Aura Spray | Aura Clear

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Aura Clear aura spray helps stabilise the auric field and strengthen boundaries

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Aura Clear refreshes and clears, helping to repair the auric field. It is especially useful after shock or trauma, helping to stablilise the aura, and allieviate emotional extremes. This is a useful aura spray for protection against negative outside influences. Also good for clarifying energetic boundaries and for strengthening one’s sense of self. 50ml

These sprays are designed to be sprayed in to your aura to help restore equilibrium. Alternatively, they may be applied to a room or space to balance the energy within.They contain pure Chalice Well spring water, one of the purest water sources on the planet in terms of substance vibrations.


Frankincense, Geranium & Lavender essential oils, Clear Quartz & Larimar gem elixirs, Yarrow flower essence.


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