Discover Chalice Well Essences

+ Use essences in consultations
+ Experience traditional plant spirit medicine
+ Increase sensitivity to the healing energies of nature
+ Co-create a special essence to gain an understanding of the Chalice Well Essences approach and philosophy
+ Apply Chalice Well Essences in client consultations, diagnosis and treatment

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Working with Energies & Energy Fields

+ Work with the Spiritual dimensions of Chalice Well to explore human, devic and earth energies
+ Demonstrate ways of protecting and healing the aura and chakras
+ Dowsing to select essences for treatment
+ Make dowsing rods to detect energies of place
+ Create essence sprays to restore balance to the home or place of work

Get Tickets £350.00 – £375.00

Essences for Wellbeing & Transformation

+ Practical tools for essence diagnosis and selection
+ A working knowledge of essences' properties, including Chalice Well Essences
+ The history and use of dowsing
+ Developing intuition
+ Making a special essence as bottle, a cream and a spray
+ How to use essences with children

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The Way of the Practitioner

+ How to prepare a space for self and others
+ The art of observing and deep listening to determine the root issue
+ Staying out of the story and remaining present to become a clear energy channel
+ Case studies and evaluation of your practice
+ Best practice and the Law

Get Tickets £350 – £375