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In Celebration of the White Wisteria

Thoughts on the Well Lantern Dressing in Celebration of the White Wisteria ~ from Penny, one of the gardeners

We are all disappointed that our visitors were unable to see the wonderful white wisteria this year. This dressing is intended to share a little of its beauty and inspiration. As always it is made in honour of the Well lantern as a symbol of light and love. Most importantly it is created in gratitude for all the ways in which you carry and share that light and love in your daily lives.

The dressing starts with Stachys, (Lamb’s Ears), soft, silvery, the lining to Titania’s bower. There are more silver leaves & starry flowers from Eleagnus and Convolvulus cneorum, joined by delicate umbels of parsley and heart-shaped heads of Briza maxima (Quaking Grass). The flowers of Ranunculus, Nigella, white Rosa rugosa and climbing roses for perfume, are all companions to the white wisteria.


In some interpretations, wisteria is considered to represent Divine Love. The angel is there to honour and hold this ~ whatever you conceive or feel it to be.

If you need it, all is intended to lift your light, to hold a little softness under the anxiety, to offer a quiet joy in simplicity. Breathe; and know that you are always, always held in love…

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