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Global Silent Minute | 21 December 2020 @ 9pm GMT

Join millions on 21 December 2020 at 9pm GMT for the annual Global Silent Minute. The Global Silent Minute organisation will celebrate by holding a Chalice of Silence from 8:45pm to 9:15pm GMT.

The inspiration for the Silent Minute was born on a battlefield near Jerusalem in World War I when an officer who knew he would not survive the war asked his comrade to find a way for him, and the millions like him, to assist daily from the “other side” through the power of Silence to end a greater war he saw coming.

That way became the Big Ben Silent Minute launched in World War II.  Its daily rhythmic impact was acknowledged as significant in assisting to end the war and in demonstrating the awesome power of Silence as a spiritual weapon.

Today, the Global Silent Minute is galvanising Humanity to recognise the necessity to embed a new paradigm to create the culture of peace so that challenges and conflicts are resolved before they escalate to violence.

The Global Silent Minute invites us to pause in Silence to recalibrate to a deeper, holistic perspective where our united focus impacts evolution.  

Knowing that two concordant thoughts increase their power seven-fold, imagine millions of concordant thoughts igniting the Fire of Love at the Heart of Humanity. 

Let us take this opportunity with the December Solstice to utilise Silence as Action with the shared intention for global cooperation, peace and freedom.

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On 26 November 2020, Global Silent Minute will share a daily seed thought on Silence at

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through to 21 December 2020 when we will unite our hearts across distance around the world and across the veil at 9pm GMT in the power of Silence as Action for global cooperation, peace and freedom.

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