Creating Essences

Creating Chalice Well Essences

We sense it’s time to make an Essence when a plant or tree in glorious bloom calls to us. There is often a noticeable pull or heightened awareness that draws us to come closer, and we respond by setting a date to make the Essence.

Whenever possible, we work closely with lunar cycles (especially full and new moons), seasonal markers (such as the equinoxes or Solstice points) and traditional festivals (including Michaelmas and Easter Sunday). Provided there is sunshine at the appointed date, then we gather together in the garden early in the morning and collect the spring water into our large crystal bowl.

To begin we call upon the guardians and spirit of the Chalice Well, and the Deva of the particular plant or tree we are co-creating the Essence with. We invite them to infuse their healing and balancing properties into the water, and at the same time to give us an understanding of what these properties are.

Whilst the essence is in its creation, we sit in silence, listening and looking within for impressions and write down anything which comes. Often, whilst this is happening, we observe that the texture and quality of the water changes, appearing to be silkier and clearer. We may have an intuition to cut a single flower from the plant and place this in the bowl, or to simply raise the bowl up into a flower head.

At some point there is a feeling that the work is done, and we pour the Essence, known as a Mother Tincture, into large glass bottles, adding local Cider Brandy as a preservative. We each share our insights (usually delighting in the similarities of what each has received) and give thanks to the unseen beings involved in the process. And so a new Essence is born.

"I do have a soft spot for bottling those Essences! It's kind of like the Tardis, once you get in there you realise it may look like a shed on the outside... but inside... Essence Temple!" Essences Volunteer

There is some variation as to how essence producers make their mother tinctures. In our case, as well as focusing particularly on co-creation with the Devic realm, we also utilise the Aquarian Principle of group-work. When many people gather with the same intention, we can harness the element of synergy, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This can potentize the essence as well as allowing us to confirm our understanding of its special properties with each other.

We have observed that there are additional environmental influences which get encoded into an essence during production. For example, when making the Trinity of Holy Thorn Essence, a blackbird followed the Essences Team around the garden, flying to each of the three Holy Thorn trees and singing. In our later blind trials of the Essence, one woman, who visualised entering an inner garden to receive information about the essence, wrote

“As I open the door… I’m aware of a large blackbird with his beautiful golden beak.”

The bird then proceeded to tell her about the Essence.

Sophie, a member of the Essences Team, had a similar meditation, in which she also saw

“...the blackbird who had flown from tree to tree while we were making the Essence. He spoke of Universal Consciousness through all of creation and in some way he represented that and as he had sung while the Essence was created that was consciously encoded in the Essence. His song was of the sweetness, the lightness and beauty and of this consciousness and vibrational awareness: the glory and wonder of creation.”

For this reason we very aware and welcoming of the animal friends (including bees and robins) who show up when we make our Essences.

Because of the special nature of Chalice Well, sometimes guidance is also given to create an essence that can hold the qualities present at the well in a moment in time. This was the case for the creation of the Heart of the Well Essence, created by the fellowship of companions who all hold Chalice Well as a special place in their hearts.