About Essences

Essences are vibrational remedies which hold the essential energies of an originating substance, which could be a flower, plant, crystal, or place.

At Chalice Well they are co-created by human consciousness and the over-lighting consciousness of the substance (often referred to as the deva) and water. They offer a holistic approach to wellbeing, operating with the understanding that humans have (or simply are) an energy field and that imbalances within this field, which we experience as maladies, can be soothed by offering an energetic counterpart.

It is believed that essences may have been created by Celtic Druids in ancient times but essences as we know them today were first produced in the 1930's by Edward Bach (creator of ‘Bach Flower Remedies’), who harvested morning dew droplets from plants in order to relieve various emotional states.

He observed that each plant seemed to have its own particular emotionally and spiritually balancing properties and, through his intuitive relationship with plants, began to produce essences and prescribe remedies for specific conditions.

The type of essences available has now expanded to include those co-created with crystals, music and Archangels. Many producers also work ‘devically’ when making essences, calling upon the deva or overseer of the variety they are working with. Dorothy Maclean, co-founder of the Findhorn Community who has received hundreds of messages from the Devic realm, paints a picture of Devas as being architects in the natural world:

“The devas hold the archetypal pattern and plan for all forms around us, and they direct the energy needed for materialising them. The physical bodies of minerals, vegetables, animals and humans are all energy brought into form through the work of the devic kingdom.” Dorothy Maclean | The Findhorn Garden Story

At Chalice Well Essences, working with the Devas is primary in all of our processes. From the initial making, right through to bottling and marketing, the unseen helpers of the Chalice Well are always involved.

Water is used as the carrier for energetic remedies as it is highly receptive to vibrational impression. The recent work of scientist Masuru Emoto has highlighted the impact of human intention, music and even simple written words on water, revealed through the highly structured snow-flake like crystals that form when it is exposed to such influences, frozen and examined under a microscope.

To clarify, essences are not homeopathic or herbal, but in their own realm of activated or living water. The Medicines and Healthcare Products regulatory agency (MHRA) accepts flower essences as being in the category of foods, and for this reason essences have managed to avoid the EU’s push to submit herbal and homeopathic remedies to strict new directives.

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