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As a charity we rely on your generous support to safeguard and protect this unique and special place.

Your offers of help, donations of time, money, and bequests help to maintain the Chalice Well, its gardens and orchards.  If you are not already involved – here’s how to be:

Become an integral part of our world-wide ‘family’ of supporters. by becoming a Companion.

There are different types of Companionship, which offer either passive or more active paths to supporting the Well in a way that is right for you.  These include an Annual Companionship, becoming a Lifetime Supporter, or perhaps an Active Supporter.  We also offer a Gift Companionship – a unique present for those we care about.

Could you make a donation? Your donation will be put to use where it is most needed, to support our trees, gardens and orchards and to help care for the Well.

Make a One-off donation, or a donation to celebrate a special event in your or your loved ones lives.  We also run specific appeals for special projects.  Please see our Donations page for details of current projects.

Legacy giving & Bequests:  We have created a brief guide to how you can include Chalice Well in your Will.

Finally, don’t forget to check out our Volunteering opportunities.   New people are always welcome.

Thank you, The Chalice Well Trust is grateful for every donation we receive.

“Companions come from all walks of life and from all belief systems – a worldwide family of people who feel drawn to this wonderfully powerful place of healing and peace.”

Not matter if you are living in the UK or are overseas – you become an integral part of the Chalice Well.  Your help, financially and spiritually, ensure that this Living Sanctuary is available for all to benefit, now and in the future.

Types of Companionship – choosing what’s right for me:

Annual Companion:  Whether you are an individual or wish for a joint Companionship, becoming an annually renewable Companion may be appropriate for you.  There are a number of different categories and fee levels according to whether you are living overseas or in the UK, and whether you are aged 60 years or more.

Active Supporters:  If you are able to give additional help becoming an Active Supporter may be right for you.  You qualify for all the benefits of an Annual Companion, and also enjoy our special Active Supporter discounts and events.

Life-Long Companionship:  Become a lifetime supporter and you pay just one fee.  This Companionship is valid for all of your life, and it enables us to earmark funds for specific projects.

Gift Companionship: Buying a Companionship for friends or loved ones makes a unique gift that can be enjoyed all year long.  It is a great way of sharing this special place. Each Companionship is supported by a welcome pack and a special card in which either you can write a personal message or we can do so at your request.

To purchase a Gift Companionship you can complete the Gift Companionship Form or call us on +44 (0) 1458 831 154 and we will take the details and payment over the phone.