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Retreat House and Meeting Room are opening

With the announcement of the government’s roadmap out of lockdown, we have been able to start planning how and when we can re-open Little St. Michael’s Retreat House and at last welcome you back to come and stay! This has been a challenging year, and you may well be looking forward to the rejuvenation and nourishment that a retreat can bring.

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The prefix ‘com’ stems from the Latin to mean ‘with’, pan from the Latin ‘pane’ or ‘bread’. In the Latin-speaking world, your companions were the individuals that you broke bread with and with whom you shared a common table. Wellesley Tudor Pole chose the word ‘companion’ for those who were to work together to safeguard the Chalice Well property. Rarely has companionship…

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Little St Michaels, The Upper Room & Companions’ Meditation

Further to the re-opening of Little St Michael’s retreat house last month, we are pleased to announce that access to The Upper Room will once again be possible for non-resident companions. Given the current legislative ‘Rule of Six’, this will need to be pre-booked, at least 24 hours in advance. Daily slots will be available[…]Read more…

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When one feels helpless…

“When one feels helpless before the vast world chaos now thrown more sharply than ever into relief, it is helpful to remember how much can be done by quiet interior work and prayer.” Wellesley Tudor Pole (WTP), Founder, The Chalice Well Trust The Upper Room Those of you who have stayed in our Retreat House[…]Read more…

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