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Thoughts on the Well Dressing | Flowering/Beltane/May Day | A celebration of love

This dressing includes the spring blooms of apple blossom, tulips, Dicentra, Akebia quinata, spirea, Clematis montana, anemones and violas; fronds of fern, nigella and Tellima grandiflora, sprigs of ash; the fresh foliage of hawthorn (May blossom), hazel, Kilmarnock willow and the tiny leaves of oak, welcoming the opening and warmth of summer … “In fact,[…]Read more…

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Winter Solstice | Thoughts on the Well Dressing – the Returning Light

The foundation of this Winter Solstice dressing is made from yew (Taxus baccata) and larch (Larix decidua), symbols of transformation, rebirth and spiritual connection. Simply as an evergreen, the yew represents perpetual life and hope; whilst birch (Betula pendula) acknowledges the turning of the Wheel. With them is holly (Ilex aquifolium) for protection and in[…]Read more…

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Resting/Samhain/Halloween | Thoughts on the Well Dressing | Deeper Within

Chalice Well well dressing Resting/Samhain/Halloween 2020

The dressings include Thuja plicata, Pyrus (pear), purple pittosporum, Lysimachia clethroides, Spirea, Panicum elegans, amaranth, medlars, rosehips, pyracantha (orange) and callicarpa (purple) berries, Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’, Verbena bonariensis, the last of the dahlias, zinnias & chrysanthemums and pumpkins ‘Jack Be Little’, grown in our cutting garden. At this time of withdrawal comes opportunity to pause,[…]Read more…

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Autumn Equinox, Mabon | Thoughts on the Well dressing | Nourishment

The Madonna statue honouring the last rays of summer is decorated with Panicum elegans, rowan berries, amaranth, vines, sunflowers, yellow and orange dahlias, yellow calendula and acorns collected by our visitors. The Well is dressed with the foliage of Thuja plicata, Malus, Pathenocissus quinquefolia and spirea; and flowers and fruit in gratitude for the harvest[…]Read more…

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Thoughts on the Fruition Well Dressing | The work you put in

Chalice Well Earth Festival Well Dressing: Fruition

A dressing made on Lammas/Lughnasadh Eve. First fruits & the grain harvest. Hazel, spirea, Euphorbia oblongata, ash keys, Amaranth, poppy heads, dahlias, calendula, cosmos, plums from our orchard. The ridiculously exuberant dahlias in this Well dressing are “Penhill Watermelon”, a “dinner plate” variety as they are known in floristry. They have certainly lived up to[…]Read more…

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Glastonbury Virtual Summer Solstice

An invitation from Glastonbury Information Centre to join the Glastonbury Virtual Summer Solstice Join us on Sunday 21 June as we go live to stream the Summer Solstice sunrise from Glastonbury. It’s not safe yet for visitors to come to Glastonbury, so we decided to bring our fabulous town to you for a #safesummersolstice. A[…]Read more…