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Thoughts on the Well Dressing | Flowering/Beltane/May Day | A celebration of love

This dressing includes the spring blooms of apple blossom, tulips, Dicentra, Akebia quinata, spirea, Clematis montana, anemones and violas; fronds of fern, nigella and Tellima grandiflora, sprigs of ash; the fresh foliage of hawthorn (May blossom), hazel, Kilmarnock willow and the tiny leaves of oak, welcoming the opening and warmth of summer … “In fact,[…]Read more…

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Retreat House and Meeting Room are opening

With the announcement of the government’s roadmap out of lockdown, we have been able to start planning how and when we can re-open Little St. Michael’s Retreat House and at last welcome you back to come and stay! This has been a challenging year, and you may well be looking forward to the rejuvenation and nourishment that a retreat can bring.

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The prefix ‘com’ stems from the Latin to mean ‘with’, pan from the Latin ‘pane’ or ‘bread’. In the Latin-speaking world, your companions were the individuals that you broke bread with and with whom you shared a common table. Wellesley Tudor Pole chose the word ‘companion’ for those who were to work together to safeguard the Chalice Well property. Rarely has companionship…