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An invitation to join in peace from kindred spirits the Global Silent Minute organisation

The Global Silent Minute was inspired by the Big Ben Silent Minute introduced in the Second World War by Wellesley Tudor Pole (WTP), founder of Chalice Well Trust, as a “spiritual weapon” to harness the power of Silence in selfless service to be used for the benefit of all.

The DNA for the Silent Minute was forged on a battlefield outside Jerusalem in the First World War between two soldiers, when one, who knew he was not going to survive the war and could see a greater war coming, urged his comrade, to find a way to allow him, and the millions like him, on the other side of the veil – to assist in the fight for global cooperation, peace and freedom. He died on the battlefield the next day. It took 23 years for WTP to introduce the Silent Minute to harness the power of silence both sides of the veil. This simple daily act has been acknowledged as making a significant contribution to ending the war.

In the years of mobilising support for the Silent Minute, WTP asked: “How long will it take for our Leaders to realise that the full use of spiritual weapons is essential if we are to survive, and that material weapons alone will bring either disaster or stalemate?”

In this moment, the Global Silent Minute is honoured to participate in a Silent Minute with the Citizens of Japan at the exact minutes that the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Every year on 6 August at 8:15 am in Japan the country observes a minute of silence and this year the world will observe it with them.

6 August: 8:15 am Tokyo; 9:15 am Sydney; 12:15 am London
5 August: 7:15 pm New York

9 August: 10:58 am Tokyo; 11:58 am Sydney; 2:58 am London
8 August: 9:58 pm New York

Link to:
Hiroshima Nagasaki 75 ~ A LIVE Observance
Global Silent Minute on Facebook

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