Sacred Garden

A Living Sanctuary

'Take time passing under the pergola ‘to shake the dust off of your shoes’ and remember all the pilgrims who came this way before you.'

The Chalice Well and the main gardens are enfolded in the vale between Chalice Hill and the Tor.

The garden’s landscape (or aspect) naturally rises upward from the bottom of the garden toward the Wellhead at the top.

Visitors progress from the open space of the lower lawns following the course of the waters to their source. It is a garden of many “rooms” each with different qualities, features and planting, but all combine to create a living sanctuary of healing, sanctity and peace.

The vesica, symbol of the union and dissolution of polarities can be seen throughout the gardens in many forms.

As the ceremonies and events that are held in the Garden follow the natural cycle of the seasons, so the Gardens serve as a visible reminder keeping all in touch with nature and her rhythms.

'Beautiful flowers in the borders delight the senses and we can choose to rest and dream at the Angel seat.'

Whilst here, many talk of a heightening of sensory acuity; colours, light, fragrance and sound all serve to create an intensity.

Creating a sensory world with opportunities for experience and relationship underlies the planting philosophy. The choosing of plants is subject not only to the process of intuition but also to the consideration that form, colour and aroma invite the beholder to encounter and connect.

It is a garden that must allow and support the mystical experience and so the relationship with nature and the nature kingdoms must be a conscious and harmonious one.

So it is possible to walk the gardens in a meditative truth-seeking manner and in fact the gardens and the waters invite us to do so.

Here we are walking the garden on another level, which is not entirely physical. This enables us to have access and contact with the eternal mystery.

Each person will find their own path, their own way of walking.