Our purpose

Our purpose

The Trust was originally founded by Wellesley Tudor Pole in 1959 to ensure that this very ancient Holy Well could continue to be available to all – forever.

The purposes of the Trust are:

  • To preserve in perpetuity the property known as the Chalice Well in Glastonbury in the county of Somerset and surrounding lands for the benefit of the public, so that they may for ever have access to this living sanctuary as a place of pilgrimage and rest;
  • To preserve and safeguard the said Chalice Well and its surroundings and to beautify them;
  • To advance religious and spiritual activities and permit members of the public of all religious and spiritual paths to take advantage of such facilities as the Chalice Well Trust can offer for pilgrimage, quiet contemplation and healing;
  • To advance education in all ways by encouraging the study and enjoyment of the sacred through the arts, particularly as may be associated with the said Chalice Well and its surroundings.

Key Policies

The Trust seeks to provide a broad spectrum of services to its beneficiaries, the general public, in accordance with the terms of the Trust’s founding deed. Policies implemented in provision of services include:

  • Enable access to the Gardens and the features within them including the Chalice Well itself.
  • Preserve and conserve historical features, properties and artefacts within the Trust’s care.
  • Provide residential facilities for spiritual retreats.
  • Provide facilities for meetings, courses and seminars to further the knowledge of spirituality, healing and holistic practices.
  • Host public events, which celebrate spirituality, and a sense of community.
  • Provide benefits for the Companions of the Trust including an annual supporter’s day, newsletters and free admission to the Gardens
  • Maintain the ancient spring known as Chalice Well and all its waterways, and ensuring the purity and availability of the water at all times.
  • Create fair, non-discriminatory and meaningful employment opportunities within the local community.
  • Work within an environmental care policy to minimise waste and reduce consumption of non-renewable resources.
  • Comply with all current legislation, which relates to the Chalice Well Trust. Including taking professional advice where appropriate.
  • Practice accountability and transparency in every aspect of the Trust’s work.
  • Strive to deliver the above services with maximum effectiveness and economical at the point of delivery.