About Events

Welcome to Chalice Well Events

Our annual programme of events honours the seasons in nature which fall on days celebrated since ancient times. They are grounded in the common principles of community, stillness, blessing, communion, reflection, gratitude and celebration. That people gather together in a beautiful garden allows a shared acknowledgement of the sacred and the divine that transcends borders and differences.

We offer FREE admission on the morning of our eight Earth Festivals, when we celebrate our Chalice Well Wheel of the Year with celebration and meditation, between 10 am and 12 pm. This is an open invite to all to join us and experience the unique sense of peace Chalice Well brings.

Of course you can simply come and enjoy the many ‘beautiful rooms’ in our world peace garden and relax in this living sanctuary, the perfect place for meditation and quiet reflection. You can find more information on our Visiting Chalice Well page.