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1960 | A New Year Message

The year now opening can prove to be the most momentous of the Century. Momentous in a spiritual sense as well as historically. The seeds that will be sown whilst it is still with us are destined to grow into trees that will bear wonderful fruit for human welfare IF the soil in which the seeds are to be planted is well tended and properly looked after.

This is a task that is not only the concern of Statesmen and World leaders but of us all.

To change the metaphor somewhat, it is right to say that the “Vineyard of the Lord” is of universal dimensions and it is the common property of all Nations and all peoples as well as being the freehold of each one of us individually – “Unity in Diversity” is no meaningless phrase, for as the Persian Prophet ‘Baha Ullah’ has told us – “We are all leaves of the same Tree”.

Seers on the mountain top have long been aware of Plans maturing in realms invisible, Plans that are now ready to be unfolded in our midst, if a sufficient number of men and women of perceptive Goodwill are prepared to respond and play their part.

Let me now speak to you personally as you read this message, because no “leaf” is of more or of less importance in its own place and way than is any other “leaf” on the Tree of Life.

If your eyes remain fixed upon the ground, then your spirit and your mind will be filled to overflowing with the dust and the din of mundane events. Fears of wars and revolutions and of man-made crises will obscure your vision of Reality. The Illusions of the moment will give you no peace and may even breed despair. Until you have stilled the clamour of the senses, it is useless to listen, for you will not hear the sound of Michael’s Trumpet. LOOK UP towards the Hills and Watch what is happening there!

We are on the eve of a spiritual Revolution. In fact it has begun already. We are living here and now on the fringe of a new Dispensation, a time in which you and I can play our essential parts if we so will and if we so desire.

A fresh wave of Spiritual Revelation is sweeping down towards our shores. Its breath can transform the World in which we now live. You to whom I speak are a “Universe” within yourself. It is within your own “Universe” that the transformation must take place. Do not look for it elsewhere at present.

All transformations of a spiritual order begin within the individual and as we till our soil and begin to sow the seed, opportunities of service to other tillers will come our way. Be sure of that, yes, you and I have important work to do as ‘Preparers of the Way’ for one who will manifest (not necessarily in bodily form) when we open the door from our side of the Veil and offer our allegiance. In this connection bear in mind the fact that History, both religious and secular, never repeats itself in the same way, and therefore do not try to formulate your conceptions of future happenings.

How can we help, each in his own sphere, in the opening of the Gateway through which enlightenment is awaiting to flow into our hearts and minds? Here are a few suggestions. You will think of many more.

LOOK UP IN EXPECTATION! Refuse to be dismayed by the tribulations caused by the breaking of old bottles, which can serve no useful purpose in the Times that are to be. Carry on your daily work whatever it may be, faithfully and well but infuse into your every thought, word and deed the spirit of EXPECTATION.

Leave time in your lives for a daily period of silence and selfless Prayer.

Be joyful and help others to be the same, because “Tidings of Great Joy” may be nearer than you know.

You may think that the suggestions I have given are inadequate for the purpose in view and are not ‘practical’ enough. Never mind what you think about them, but put them INTO PRACTICE and the result will convince you that these suggestions are not only practical but spiritually effective to a degree. Above all else remember where to look for the manifestation which you are expecting. Look for it WITHIN YOURSELF and not from any sources outside yourself. And never forget that dedicated expectation can and will widen your vision, inspire and purify your daily lives and bring you that Peace which passeth understanding.

Wellesley Tudor Pole

London S.W.1

New Year’s Eve 1959

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